Why read books with your children?

Monday, February 22, 2016

We all know that reading is a great life skill and there’s lots of evidence to show that the more children read, the better they do in school. Here are just a few more benefits of reading books with your children that you may or may not be aware of.

  • Encourages basic reading skills.

Reading whilst following the words helps to teach children how to read left to right and differentiate between pictures and words. The more you read together, the better they’ll be able to read by themselves.

  • Develops emotional intelligence.

As your child gets a little bit older, stories that feature the characters’ emotional reactions help them to understand emotions and develop empathy. As well as helping them understand other people’s emotions, it can help them to understand and talk about how they’re feeling.

  • Improves focus and concentration.

Reading together is excellent preparation for school as it helps to build self-discipline, memory retention and a longer attention span in even the squirmiest of children!

  • Reduces stress.

The school years can create a lot of stress on both you and your children, escaping into a book is a perfect way for everybody to relax after a long day. According to research, just 6 to 7 minutes of reading a day can reduce stress by two thirds.

  • Builds analytic skills.

Reading encourages children to explore what is happening in a story, why and what might happen next, all key points for developing logic and analytic skills. Analytic skills are important in plenty of other areas across the curriculum.

  • Free entertainment!

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Only boring people get bored’. Books open up thousands of new worlds and adventures and you can read any time, any place and in any weather.


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