Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reading is important in so many areas of education but not all children enjoy reading; they may find reading hard and be feeling discouraged or they might just think that it’s not “cool” to be a bookworm. As it is such an important factor of your child’s education, it is a good idea to find ways of encouraging them to read as much as possible.

A really simple but easy way to pique your child’s interest in reading is to let them choose the subject matter, even if that means reading a non-fiction book. Several popular franchises such as Minecraft and Star Wars have spin-off novels based on the characters which are really popular with young fans and the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ books have been praised for encouraging children, particularly boys to read because of their fun comic book style. It is important to make sure that the books they are reading are appropriately challenging; too easy and they’ll get bored, too hard and they might be further put off. If they are struggling with too many words, you might want to try something a bit easier.

Technology can give a big helping hand in encouraging children to read and aiding their reading journey. There are lots of different educational apps that you can download for smartphones and tablets including the My Word Buddy app which allows children to learn words phonetically and at their own pace. The other advantage of reading on a screen is that the size of the font can be adjusted accordingly to make it easier to read.

Finally, remember to lead by example and make sure that your children see you reading and enjoying it. Make it a family affair by getting the whole family reading more often and reading together as well as making sure there’s lots of reading material in the house. With a bit of encouragement, the whole family can enjoy reading avidly.



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