Books About Friendship

Monday, April 11, 2016

One of the many fantastic things about reading is that they can help make sense of the world around us so they are the perfect tool for figuring out friendships, which are constantly changing and evolving as children grow up. Here are a few that you can try depending on your child’s age and interests to help explain friendship and resolve issues surrounding it.

  • Sharing a Shell. (Julia Donaldson)

This fun rhyming story tells the tale of a hermit crab, an anemone and a bristleworm as they learn to share and work together in order to survive in the rock pool. The board book edition is also glittery so really eye-catching for younger children.

  • Topsy and Tim help a friend. (Jean and Gareth Adamson)

There are many Topsy and Tim books that feature life events such as moving house and welcoming a baby sibling. In this story they help a classmate who is being bullied and in turn make a brand new friend.

  • Rainbow Magic Series: Florence the Friendship Fairy (Daisy Meadows)

Perfect for little ones obsessed with fairies, the Rainbow Magic Series features lots of different fairies with different powers. Florence the Friendship Fairy is responsible for making sure people get along but when a jealous villain takes her magic charms, everyone has to work together to get them back.

  • Charlotte’s Web (E.B.White)

Charlotte’s Web is a great book to introduce children to classic literature and is all about friendship between animals, particularly between Charlotte the spider and Wilbert the pig she’s trying to save.

  • Emily- Thomas and Friends (Rev. Wilbert Awdry)

Emily is a new engine on the Island of Sodor and the other engines are fairly unpleasant to her, it delivers a message that things aren’t always what they seem and that you can learn to accept new friends.

  • Rainbow Fish (Marcus Pfister)

This modern classic board book is about a beautiful fish who needs to learn to share to make friends. It’s another sparkly one too!



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