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Reading has never been easier with My Word Buddy™…The phonetic helper sounds out the word so you hear the sound and shows the breakdown of the word on screen so that you learn the word quickly.

We all know that the key to learning is being able to read accurately and quickly, and that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving this is making time to practise.

Many parents, teachers and teaching assistants feel that they have not got the time to sit with children on a one to one basis for as long as they need to in order to progress a child’s reading to an acceptable level.

What this app will allow your child to do is to access a bank of words which will be shown visibly while being pronouced phonetically so that they can continue reading at their own pace, without assistance from parent or teacher.

As your child’s reading level improves so too does the complexity of the words.

Not only will this allow your child to spend more time reading but it will also improve the amount of reading that they cover in a given time.

Like yourselves, all of us at My Word Buddy™ are conscious of the impact a lack of reading ability can have on a child’s educational abilities and overall confidence as a person.

As a parent or guardian, you obviously care about this as much as we do and want to see them progress to be happy and confident children. My Word Buddy™ can help with this..

Our vision is to help readers of all ages and backgrounds to develop their reading skills so they can enjoy reading English.

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Who's it for ?

My Word Buddy is designed to help any person of any age group who is looking for help in reading English.

Although primarily it will help children, it is also designed to help those who are foreign language students who are looking to learn English for the first time.

The groups of words are listed according to complexity and are also grouped according to subject matter.

  • Reading is great fun. You learn so much and with “My Word buddy” you will be able to read more quickly and learn faster. It will open new avenues of discovery and greatly enhance your reading experience

  • Parents and tutors can allow their children to read unsupervised because “My Word buddy” helps them to find out how to pronounce a word without having to be told and so this means they can learn to read more quickly

  • For those people learning English language for the first time it can be quite daunting, it is often difficult to read and pronounce new words. “My Word buddy”,helps you with this and allows extensive independent learning

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