About us

My name is Paul Siani, I am the inventor of this app and have spent many years developing the idea. As a parent I am acutely aware of the importance of reading but also how time consuming it can be. Often it is not possible to find the time!

My Word BuddyTM

Parents, teachers and their assistants are busy. Your child is at their most responsive to learning in their early years, if you can give them a head start then why not?

Your child will be able to read at their own pace and by themselves.

Their love of reading will increase incrementally because,, free from the constraints of needing help, they will quadruple their reading speed.

In turn you will find that your children’s academic performance will improve immeasurably as will their confidence in their work generally.

A good and improving reading level will mean a confident child who will improve their grades in all their exams across the full range of subjects they study and the chances of them being successful in later life will be drastically enhanced.

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