Tips for Teaching at Home

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Every child starts their learning journey at home so whether you’re teaching your child to read as preparation for school, helping with homework or completely homeschooling, parents and guardians play a massive role as teachers. Not everybody enjoys school or finds it easy but by working smarter, not harder you can help your children to learn and even make it fun.


  • Learn their learning style.

Some children learn by listening, some by reading, some by getting their hands on things. Figuring out how they learn best is the key to helping them understand and retain information.

  • Get a support network.

Blogs, Pinterest and Facebook groups are all great ways of getting ideas and support. If you lack confidence in your own academic ability, you might want to consider online or at home lessons so you have the skills and knowledge to help your children on their learning journey.

  • Read, read, read.

Reading together, getting them to read out loud, story books, non-fiction books; the more you all read, the better!

  • Don’t compare them to others.

Someone once said, “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”. Finding out what level your child should be aiming for is a good idea but remember that all children learn at their own pace and excel in different areas.

  • Try to do homework between 3pm and 5pm

If your children are too tired or hungry it’ll be difficult to concentrate so try to get any homework done between 3pm to 5pm and set aside a specific window of time to get it done.

  • Put your own spin on it.

Learning at home doesn’t have to be like learning at school. You can make it as fun or unusual as you want. You could even make educational games and conduct kitchen science experiments.

  • Try to avoid distractions.

It’s really easy to get distracted when there are toys around and the TV is on so choose a calm, quiet part of the house to work in.



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