Fun Ways to Learn the Alphabet

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The first start of learning to read is learning the alphabet but it can take a while so to make sure neither you or your child don’t get bored and to keep letter-learning fun, here are a few different ways of learning.

Point out letters everywhere.

As well as letters in books, point out letters on signs, number plates, anywhere. You could try spotting all the letters of the alphabet or your names.

Letter magnets and a baking tray.

They’re not just for keeping notes and artwork on the fridge! Use letter magnets and a baking tray to spell words and play letter games. You can also use a deeper tray and hide letters in coloured rice, sand or shaving foam for children to find as a sensory game.

Alphabet foam mats.

Those alphabet foam tiles that can be laid out on the floor are perfect for children who learn better from physical play. You can say the letters together as they jump on them or lay them out like a hopscotch board.

Fishing for letters.

Use ping pong balls or other light plastic balls, write letters on them and pop them in a paddling pool or even a large washing up bowl. Kids can fish them out by hand, with a sieve or with a toy fishing net depending on what you have to hand and you can talk about the letters.

Letter catch.

Who says beach balls can only be used on the beach?! Use a marker to write letters on an inflatable ball and as you catch it, say the letter. You may only have space to focus on a few letters at a time but you can play it with several children.

Alphabet songs.

As well as the good old ABC song, there are lots of videos on YouTube to explore letters with. You could also try watching Alphablocks and Sesame Street.

Learning the alphabet can really be a multi-sensory adventure and learning through play is one of the most effective and interesting ways of exploring letters and the sounds they make.

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