Keeping the Kids Reading over Summer

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The summer holidays are a great time of the year for spending family time together and for children to have a break before they start a new academic year but it can also mean a few important skills get rusty, especially with literacy. Like everything, practice makes perfect and keeping reading up over summer will help your children be ready for the new term and new challenges so here are some ideas to keep the cogs turning over the summer holidays-

Try a reading challenge- Sites like Pinterest have lots of ideas for reading challenges, for example ticking of types of books to read or reading a bit more every day. Making a game out of it with print outs and stickers will keep reading fun for the whole family.

Keep your bedtime story- Summer holidays can mean that bedtime routines become a bit skew-wiff thanks to late sunsets and extra activities. Try to still squeeze in a story a day to help over-excited kids to relax and settle down.

Pack a new book for a holiday- Make it a surprise or go to a book store together, books are a great form of portable entertainment. They’re also a better option for school and camping trips compared to electric devices as they don’t need charging and are much less likely to get broken or stolen.

Play letter games on journeys- Reading might sound like a good way to pass the time on a long journey, like on a day trip out or on the way to your holiday destination, but it can trigger motion sickness. You can practise literacy skills without the sick bags with games such as I-Spy and spelling your name with license plates.

Take a trip to the library- Summer holidays can get expensive and there’s no guarantee that it’ll be sunny so get out of the house whilst avoiding the temperamental weather by taking a trip to the local library. You might even be able to find some local events at them.

Whether you’re spending the summer holidays home or away, t’s easy to fit in daily reading with your children.

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