Books About Starting School

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Starting school is a huge event in your child’s life and one of the ways you can help your child get emotionally and mentally ready for it is reading stories about starting school. Here are a few to choose from that you can read together at bedtime or during the day.

  • Charlie and Lola; I Am Absolutely Too Small For School. (Lauren Child)

The Charlie and Lola TV series and books are really relatable and lifelike with the right amount of whimsical. In this book, Lola is feeling nervous about starting school and is trying to think of reasons why she is “really too very busy” to go but her big brother Charlie puts her mind at ease and helps get her ready for her first day of school.

  • Come to school too, Blue Kangeroo, (Emma Chichester Clark)

Lily thinks her best friend (and favourite cuddly toy), Blue Kangeroo might be nervous about starting school. This story is heart-warming and reassuring with fantastic illustrations.

  • Going to School. (Usbourne First Experiences)

This picture book follows the Peach family and their twins’ first day of school. You may have already got a free copy from Bookstart but if you haven’t it’s still worth a read! The story is simple and goes through the average school day with plenty of words for your child to sound out and illustrations full of details. Don’t forget to spot the duck!

  • Harry and The Dinosaurs go to School (Ian Whybrow)

The ‘Bucket of Dinosaurs’ stories are perfect for little dinosaur fans and this book follows Harry’s first day of school. It also explains, in a gentle way, that there are rules at school which need to be followed.

  • Starting School (Janet and Allen Ahlberg)

The Ahlberg’s books are perennial favourites as they’re cosy and charming and ‘Starting School’ is no exception. It follows a group of children on their first day and beyond so your child can be really prepared for their new adventures.


These books will help reassure your child that starting school isn’t as scary as it seems and are a great read to enjoy together over the holidays.



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