Educational Apps and Websites for Kids

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Nowadays technology and education go hand-in-hand and, although experts and parents agree that screen time should be limited, there are lots of websites and mobile and tablet apps that can boost your child’s interest in reading, maths, science and more, and complement their school’s curriculum. Here are a few of our picks of educational apps and websites to explore with your children.

National Geographic Kids

This website runs alongside the National Geographic Kids magazine and features hundreds of facts and amazing photos that help your child to explore the world and everything in it. There are also competitions and games as well as pop-up facts to pique their interest.

BBC Bitesize

As well as being handily divided into Key Stages 1,2, and 3 and GCSE level as well as Scottish and Welsh education levels, this BBC website covers a range of subjects and is visually appealing to children. It has videos and activities as well as special revision and test sections which makes it perfect for those studying for exams.

Kids Science Experiment

Got a budding scientist in the house? This app is full of fun science experiments that you can do at home with items that you can easily get hold of as well as a quiz to show how much they’re learning.

Pop Math

This simple but stylish game encourages children to practise basic sums including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Education City

Education City is designed to work alongside the national curriculum and covers maths, English, science and foreign languages. You do have to pay a subscription but it can be used in school or at home.

My Word Buddy

Of course, we couldn’t talk about educational apps and websites without mentioning our own! The My Word Buddy app uses the phonetic system to allow children to learn new words at their own pace and improve literacy. As they improve, you can purchase more banks of words to continue to challenge them.


To learn more about our app or any of the other apps and websites mentioned, please check out the links above.




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