The Importance of Independent Learning.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Independent learning has become a crucial part of education in recent times. Independent learning allows children to self educate, making them more mindful and curious about the subject in which they are learning. This in turn makes them more interested in the topic and more likely to succeed. We have put together our top five reasons we believe independent learning is essential to a children’s education.

Independent learners are more likely to educate others:

Children that carry out independent study are more likely to encourage other children in the class to do the same. It also encourages them to communicate with each other, which allows children to get to know others opinions or ideas on things, broadening their minds and knowledge.

Satisfaction to the child:

There is an immense sense of satisfaction to the child that comes from independent learning. It teaches them self reliant’s as opposed to relying on their teachers. This is an important attribute to have not only for their school years but also for their adult life. The idea of relying on yourself to create your own success and not on others.

It allows for different intelligence amongst children:

One of the main difficulties teachers face is the that children work at different paces and all have different levels of ability. By introducing independent learning into the classroom it enables children to work at their own pace and level. Meaning they are more likely to enjoy their work and make more progress. It also takes the pressure off of those who are struggling.

It teaches children the process of learning:

In the classroom children are taught to focus on the goal and everything in between the starting point and the end goal can be a bit of a blur. Independent learning enables children to enjoy the process of learning itself and gives them an appetite to want to explore further.


Independent learners are capable and ready to do their own research and plan out the line of investigation to achieve their goals rather than waiting for teachers to direct them. These are important life skills for the future.

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