Children’s books about Diversity and Self Acceptance.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Pink is for Boys. (Eda Kaban and Robb Pearlman)

This book goes against the stereotype’s of pink being a colour for girls and blue for boys. The book includes characters of different genders, races and capabilities. It encourages children to articulate themselves through all of the colours the world has to offer.

No Difference Between Us. (Jayneen Sanders)

This book follows the relationship between twins a boy and a girl putting emphasis on the idea that there is no difference between them, despite them being of different genders. The book promotes respect and equality something in which the author believes is important to instil in young children, in the aim to reduce gender based violence and discrimination in later life.

Not Yet. (Lisa Cox)

The leading character in the book is a little girl called Lorisa. The book follows Lorisa through her day examining the challenges she faces and how she handles them encouraging a positive and strong mind set. The book demonstrates to children that they have a worth and a purpose and that it is ok to make mistakes.

All Are Welcome. (Suzanne Kaufman)

The book looks at a group of children through their school day. They all come from different cultures, these cultures are explored through out the book as the children share their cultures with each other. They do this through food, music, art and their own personal stories. In the end they see that the differences in their community is actually their strength.

Families, Families, Families. (Suzanne Lang)

This book looks at the many different combinations of families that exist in modern society. It celebrates family no matter what form it is.

This is How We Do It. (Matt Lamothe)

A book about culture it follows a day in the life of seven children around the world who come from various different cultures. This allows children to see how other children around the world play, what they eat and how they spend time with their families. Giving children a new appreciation of different cultures.

The Mega Magic Hair Swap! ( Rochelle Humes)

Follows two friends who each wish they had their friends hair. Mai has dark curly hair and Rose has blonde straight hair. A magic coconut grants their wish and they have the hair they have been dreaming of. However, they soon discover that their own hair was magical and perfect the way it was. The book aims to teach children to accept their features and characteristics and that everyone is different, but still special in their own way.

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