The Benefits of using Technology in Education.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Helps children retain information.

Technology helps to encourage classroom participation which then increases knowledge retention. Children who are interested in the subject in which they are studying are more likely to retain the information they are being taught. The use of technology helps to engage students and in turn makes them more interested in what they are studying which also gives them a better chance of success.

Benefits to teachers.

Technology has helped improve education in general terms as for example the internet has many resources and information on various topics of study. It has also helped teachers cut down on their preparation time. From a child’s point of view it has enabled children to become independent learners. It has given them the tools they need to learn and progress in their class as an individual without having to wait for their teacher to assist them.

Encourages Collaboration.

Allows for group work to be carried out outside of the classroom. Students are connected through the internet and can carry out their work anywhere. It gives an even environment where all students voices can be heard and opinions can be given. As well as making the sharing of documents easier and more accessible for all involved.

Tracking Progress.

Technology has enabled children’s progress to be tracked quickly and efficiently. This allows both teachers and parents to monitor children’s progress and encourage them in the right direction to progress further. It also allows for advice and help that is given to students to be individual to them.

Individual Learning.

Technology allows children to learn in their own way at their own pace. As it has always been the case children learn in different ways, technology allows children to find the best way of learning for them and therefore enhance their learning experience. It also gives them access to varied resources to help them further.

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