Download Guide

It's easy once you follow the steps!

How to download

Step 1

On the wordlist page you can type and search for a word. The search result will tell you what bundle/set the word is sitting in.

Step 2

You can then hop over to pricing plans to subscribe with us, we offer a competitive range of packages to suit cater for different needs.

Step 3

Once you subscribe and have downloaded your bundle/set/s you can hear all the words in the set/s by clicking on the play icon. The word will appear phonetically broken down on your screen and will be pronounced phonetically. If you would like to hear the word again, simply press play again.

Having heard and seen the word, your child or learner should now be able to pronounce it and read it and so can then continue reading whatever text they are reading at the same time.



Trial our free work

There are free words available to give you an idea of how to use our wesbite and app and how useful it can be. Essentially once you have chosen the set/bundle of words you want and made your subscription/payment, you are up and running.

Trial our free work

Have a question?

Please click here to view a link to our frequently asked questions page. However if you have any questions about anything My Word Buddy then please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we are here to help.