You can purchase a 1 year’s subscription for My Word Buddy’s bundles of words.

We understand that each child or person will learn at different speeds so we have come up with a pricing plan that offers as much flexibility as possible so that you can match it to the ability and progression of your child.

There are various bundles of words, with 100 words in each bundle, starting off with the very basic words and working up to the advanced bundles of words.

These bundles have been specifically created based on a set of reading books used by most schools.

You can purchase all our bundles for just £24.99 inclusive of VAT for 1 year’s subscription.

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Word Pronunciation Audio
About a_b_ou_t
And a_n_d
Apron a_p_r_o_n
Butter b_u_tt_er
Can c_a_n
Chip ch_i_p
Dad d_a_d
Hens h_e_n_s
Not n_o_t
Now n_ow
Pan p_a_n
Six s_i_x
Thief th_ie_f
Vet v_e_t
Washing w_a_sh_ing
Well w_e_ll
Plan Qty Validity Price  
4145 Words Annual Subscription £ 24.99 BUY NOW
4145 Words Weekly Subscription £ 0.65 BUY NOW